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The story of Sweet Scarlett is that of a family adventure: the father transmits his passion for music to his two sons, one of whom shares it with his wife. Together they create a project whose watchwords are complicity, joy, energy.

It was at the turn of a Blues festival in Chedigny in 2011, that the family decided to direct his musical work towards Rhythm'and Blues.


Patrick Hiblot

Sweet Scarlett was born in 2015. After searching for the sounds of the group, they begin to perform on stage.   Sweet Scarlett's discography started with an album of Rhythm'and Blues standards covers. It's with a new project that they return to the stage with compositions imprinted with funk, soul, blues and rock'n'roll energy. Sweet Scarlett is a family that loves music, sharing, gathering, vibrating, excitement everywhere New album released in October 6, 2018.


Vincent Hiblot


Rémi Hiblot

Caroline Erdman

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